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Latest from the Blog

What a shit day!!

Well, this was never going to be how part of my blog panned out, but today has been epically one of the shittiest days I’ve had in a while!! Last week I was finally diagnosed with peri-menopause. When I say finally, that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it, in fact I’m royally pissed off about…

The early years

It’s hard to think of when I really started to remember more vivid details of what had been happening at home growing up. A lot of it is more snap shots or feelings, than detailed memories. One of the earliest memories I have about the volatility in our home was when I was starting grade…

How to Begin??

This blog has been a long time coming. I’ve played it over in my mind a hundred times, how do I begin and will anyone even care what I have to say? How do I do this without dragging people in that I don’t want to upset or who may be exposed to my journey…

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